Dumb Criminals — 21 October 2011
Robber’s Spidey Sense Fails Him

The proprietors of a convenience store received a surprise visit from Spider-Man this week, but were disappointed to learn that Peter Parker was not the man behind the mask.  Authorities say that Dale Foughty, 56, attempted to rob a North Carolina convenience store wielding a sword and wearing a Spider-Man mask.  Foughty’s fencing abilities were apparently rusty, because two store clerks were able to fend him off with a broom stick.  During the scuffle, the clerks managed to pull of Foughty’s mask, as well as his ponytail.  Ouch.

Following the event, Foughty was arrested at a nearby home and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Source: Sword-wielding “Spider-Man” foiled in latest robbery try, say N.C. cops (CBS News)

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