Dumb Criminals — 07 October 2011
Man Calls 911, is Quickly Arrested

A California man found himself in trouble when he dialed 911 to report a theft. Kraig Stockard, 54, informed the Merced County Sheriff’s that approximately 50 CDs had been stolen from his barn.  What he failed to mention was that at least 30 of the missing CDs were filled with kiddie porn. That’s right, he called 911 to report the theft of his child porn.

This truth would probably never have been discovered, except that the would-be thieves, upon discovery of the illicit material, made a similar call to 911 to report their findings. As a result, Stockard was arrested for possession of child pornography and later confessed to the crime while in police custody. The heroic burglars, conversely, were let off with a warning.

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